EarFun Wave

Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

Designed for Ultra-comfort & Foldable, with Hi-Fi Sound and 40 Hours Playback


Thickened Mat
Adjustable Headband
High Imitation Ear Cushion in Protein Leather

Ear cushion in high-copied protein leather

With the imitation of high-quality protein leather ear cushion, and the adjustable headband, thickened mat, EarFun Wave is all designed to upgrade your coziness and comfort to a new level.

High Imitation Ear Cushion in Protein Leather
Micro USB Port

Soft Leather-encased Ear Cushion

Juice it up via the micro USB port and EarFun Wave suffices up to 40-hour playback. Directly connecting with EarFun Wave via AUX 3.5 mm input port, an enhanced authentic music experience will then readily be rendered.

Diamond-cutting High Aperture in Aluminum Alloy

Soft Leather-encased Ear Cushion

Featuring with the craft of diamond-cutting high aperture in aluminum alloy, EarFun Wave easily distinguishes itself from other headphones. EarFun Wave also with unique design allows fold neatly into the carry case for easy storage, also make for portable use.


EarFun Wave is designed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which will provide a more stable wireless connection for ultimate audio quality, as close as the High-Resolution Audio.

HiFi Sound Quality with 40mm Driver

With two "Neodymium Magnetic" HIFI 40mm drivers, EarFun Wave will deliver exceptional sound quality. Also ensures the transfer of your music without distortion.


With up to 40 hours of battery life, EarFun Wave is perfect for those longer trips on the road, that means you can enjoy the freedom of ultimate wireless audio from day to night, or more.


With the lightweight, high-quality protein leather and pressure reliving ear cushion, EarFun Wave is perfectly ideal for the long day listening, as it delivers maximum comfort with the extensive and in-depth ergonomic ear space structure.


Use the supplied 3.5mm Audio cable for uninterrupted truly High-Resolution Audio.


With the Built-in microphone, EarFun Wave allows you to switch freely between music and calls without removing the headphone. It also enables you to take a hands-free call from your smartphone.

Soft Leather-encased Ear Cushion

you can check the speaker battery level on the phone that is


Bluetooth Version : V5.0
Bluetooth Profile : A2DP , AVRCP , HFP , HSP
Supported Codes : SBC , AAC
Driver size : 40mm*2
Battery type : 680mAh/3.7V
Input : DC5V / 1A
Music play time : Up to 40 hours (varies by volume level and audio content)
Charging Time : About 2 hours
Max Listening Distance : 66 feet (20m)
Weight : 9.35oz (265g)
Material : ABS, PU

What’s in the Box?


Step1: Make sure the laptop / desktop computer has a Bluetooth module.
Step2: Activate Bluetooth on your Bluetooth-enabled device and search for other Bluetooth devices.
Step3: Select "EarFun Wave" from the Bluetooth devices shown to connect (if a password is needed, type “0000”).

If you can't connect your headphones to a mobile device, it's possible a Bluetooth connection already made with the mobile device, or the Bluetooth pairing isn't set correctly. You may need to disconnect or unpair the connected mobile device to pair the new mobile device.

- When the battery is low, it will remind you to charge it as soon as possible.
- If the compatibility of the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone is not very good, thus the Bluetooth connection between the headphone and cell phone won’t be stable, once there is a barrier between the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone or a little farther, the Bluetooth headset will automatically disconnect with phone, then it will automatically shut down.

- Check that the microphone — located on the back of the remote—isn’t blocked or covered.
- If you're using EarFun Wave with a computer, make sure that your computer microphone is set to the correct input source.

- Check the audio device setting in the program.
- Try and update your computer's Bluetooth hardware drivers.

- Adjust the volume to max volume.
- Make sure the headphones paired successfully to your device.
- If the sound issue happens when answering a call, please also make sure to selcet the "Headset" sound option when answering the call. Some phones automatically switch call sounds to the phone itself and must be manually adjusted for each call.

EarFun Wave wireless headphone have a range of 66 feet (20m) from the source device. It is realistic to describe the range as being the room the user is in and the adjacent room. This range may be reduced by physical obstructions, such as walls and doors, or by interference from other electronic devices. Pops or a crackling noise may be heard if there’s interference with the Bluetooth® connection. If that happens, move away from wireless routers or microwaves and bring your headphones closer to the Bluetooth device.

No. Most TVs don’t have Bluetooth functionality. Although a transmitter will technically work, there may be a distracting delay between the audio and video.

No. Most gaming consoles do not use the same Bluetooth protocols as EarFun Wave wireless headphones. In general, the audio/video delay will be excessive and most noticeable in games where action and audio are supposed to be synchronized. Players of casual games with sound effects may not have an issue.